Initial thoughts…..

I must admit, when I initially started researching the Chromebook as a laptop for my daily life, I was quite apprehensive. After many long hours spent doing research on what a Chromebook was and what it was capable of, I bit the proverbial bullet and bought mine.

I bought the Samsung 11.4″ ARM Chromebook. I have been very pleased with my choice. It has been able to do everything that I have wanted to do. Mind you I am mild user of laptops that only utilizes the basic functionality such as word processing, web browsing, and mild MMO gaming. I am an IT Professional by trade and as such I have used, repaired, and supported many different platforms over the years. I have come to find that my Chromebook gives me an auspicious feeling of security due to its mainly cloud based system functionality. At anytime I can lose my Chromebook without the fear of my information, files, pictures, critical passwords, or any other “sensitive” information falling into the wrong hands. I don’t have to worry about remembering what app’s I had installed or what order I had them set on my quick launch toolbar. My Chromebook remembers all of this without having the vulnerabilities of a traditional laptop.

All this to say that I am extremely pleased with my decision to purchase a Chromebook. I will be posting more about my specific likes and dislikes regarding my Chromebook experiences. So please stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “Initial thoughts…..

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