How to Dual Boot Chrome OS and Ubuntu Unity Desktop -ARM Chromebook

How to ARM Chromebook/ Ubuntu Unity with Ubuntu One Dual Booted and Conky with downloadable config files


Over my weekend I worked a lot on my chromebook. I completely wiped it and started over from nothing. I installed Ubuntu Unity Desktop w/ Ubuntu One, more on Ubuntu One. For those of you that don’t know what Unity or XFCE are, they are different User Interfaces for Ubuntu/ Linux. In easier to understand words it is a difference in the look and the feel of the OS. Unity desktop is like Windows 7 or Mac OS. Want to learn more about Unity Desktop and XFCE Desktop? Click the names to learn more.

First I would like to say that I prefer the Unity desktop experience to that of my previous XFCE install. It is way more intuitive then the XFCE desktop version. Even better than that you only have to change one thing from the XFCE Install Guide that I wrote previously This Post will explain the 2 difference’s in the installation for unity desktop.

How to Install Ubuntu Unity Desktop w/ Ubuntu One

There are 2 exceptions to the previous XFCE Install guide that you will need to do when installing Unity Desktop. XFCE Install Guide

First Exception

When installing XFCE you use the following command:

sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t xfce

To install Ubuntu with a Unity Desktop Environment use this command instead:

sudo sh -e ~/Downloads/crouton -t unity

This will install unity. You will not be prompted to configure a hard drive temperature monitor as you were in XFCE however you will still be prompted for a username, name, and password. Suggestions on these in my previous post.

Second Exception

When starting your XFCE Desktop after reboot you have use the following command

sudo startxfce4

For your unity install you will need to use the following command

sudo startunity

The big clock and other stuff on my desktop is called Conky. It shows me stats realtime about my system. If you want to know how I installed and configured that make sure to check out that post. Conky Chromebook install guide.

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As always make sure to let me know if you have any issues or problems in the comments section down below. I will do my best to answer all of your questions.

9 thoughts on “How to Dual Boot Chrome OS and Ubuntu Unity Desktop -ARM Chromebook

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  2. Need help. After use the command sudo startunity it always comes up with this.

    Entering /usr/local/chroots/precise…
    UID 1000 not found in precise
    Unmounting /usr/local/chroots/precise…

    What should I do?

  3. I followed the directions seen but I have don’t any of the programs I’d expect like the Ubuntu Software Center and the standard terminal, is there something I did wrong or is that the normal setup?

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