Are Chromebook’s Viable in Today’s Laptop Marketplace?


In Today’s struggling economy there is a few things that I believe resonate with your average consumer when we are talking about purchasing and owning a laptop. Cost and usefulness.

Now there are 2 distinct costs to the ownership of a laptop. The initial purchase of the laptop and the cost of upkeep. With traditional laptops the average cost of purchasing a laptop hovers around the $600 range, according to, and upkeep can cost around $300 per year depending on what types of upkeep services you opt to use. The types of upkeep costs that I am referring include things such as Anti-Virus Software Subscriptions, backup software/ hardware, and repairs.

Before we talk specifically regarding the cost of owning a Chromebook lets talk about what sets the Chromebook apart from other laptops.

Chromebooks are:

  • Impervious to Viruses- The Chromebook does not have executable files that can become infected by viruses therefore they can not get viruses.
  • No Backups Needed- Chromebooks do not store anything locally on the machine. Everything that you create on your Chromebook is seamlessly saved to the cloud.
  • Highly Secure- Chromebooks self check themselves every time they boot up to make sure no one has installed any hacker type programs onto it while you were away. Also due to the accounts being stored on the cloud, versus locally, it would be extremely difficult for someone to gain access to your personal information. Google’s server’s will automatically block any strange/ suspicious activity to your account.
  • Seamless Updates- Chromebooks automatically check for updates and update themselves in the background so you don’t have to worry about it.

Now lets talk about the 2 costs of ownership as they pertain to Chromebooks. The initial cost of ownership average for a Chromebook is $275. (source Simple Math?) The second

Chromebooks Rollout - Shenkus

Chromebooks Rollout – Shenkus (Photo credit: kjarrett)

number is a little bit harder to calculate. I think for the second figure we will just say $275 per year. The number I have come up with for this is based on you going out and buying a new Chromebook every year. For those instances where you spill coffee on it or drop it out of your bag at the airport. I think that is a fair calculation due to the simple fact that 2 of the 3 factors from the list above simply do not apply to the Chromebook and the third is covered by the purchase of a new Chromebook.

Now lets compare prices side by side. Lets say that you buy a laptop every 2 Years. I will abbreviate some things in my calculations: Initial Cost = IC; Per Year = PY; Total Cost of Ownership = TCO

Traditional Laptops

$600 IC + ($300 PY X 2 Years) = $1200 TCO


$275 IC + ($275 PY X 2 Years) = $875 TCO

So just based on the rough numbers the Chromebook beats out the Traditional Laptop buy a whopping $375. You can buy another Chromebook for that. Keep in mind that the TCO of the Chromebook includes 3 Total Chromebooks. That would be like buying a new laptop every 4 months…. So back to the initial question, Are Chromebook’s Viable in Today’s Laptop Market? I do believe that they are. I believe that they are the future of laptops!

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments section down below!

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