Top 5 Chromebook Tips and Tricks


Chromebooks are great laptops for doing things like checking email, browsing the web, watching Netflix, and even listening to Music. If you just got your Chromebook or maybe you want to change things up on your Chromebook, here are 5 tips and tricks to make your Chromebook better.

#1 Install a Linux Distro

There are a few things that Chrome OS, no matter what you do to it, cannot do. There are just those few things that you absolutely cannot do with a cloud based operating system. This solves that issue. Now you might think “Man this guy is crazy that is way to hard for me I don’t know what sudo is let alone how to use it?”. Rest assured this is not as difficult as you might think. Check out these post’s on How to install a Linux Distro on your Chromebook easily. XFCE UI | Unity UI


#2 Enable Immersive Fullscreen Flag

I know this may not seem like much but trust me it really helps out a lot. Don’t you ever wish that you could use the browser without that pesky, screen space eating bar at the top? Yes you can just go fullscreen now without this flag enabled but every time you want to change to a different tab you have to exit fullscreen and then reenter it. Very annoying if you ask me. What Immersive Fullscreen does is it enables the tab bar of the browser to auto-hide so when you are not using or needing the tab bar it disappears. To enable Immersive Fullscreen follow this how to. Enabling Immersive Fullscreen

#3 Install Spotify Web App

If you are like me and you listen to music all day long, the Spotify Web App is Awesome. This Web App is super intuitive and easy to use. I love it because I am able to listen to all sorts of music simply by adding a new station to my Spotify Radio. Check these guys out Install Web App. You should check out Imagine Dragons Radio Once you have installed it. That is my personal favorite. Just Sayin’.


#4 Install Feedly RSS Reader Web App

If you are like me and you read tons of RSS Feeds everyday to keep yourself up to date on all things, then Feedly is the app for you. This Web App connects to your Google Reader account so all your RSS Feeds and configuration settings go with you wherever you are. I love this Web App. It keeps all my RSS Feeds in one easy to use intuitive location. Check them out


#5 Enable Google Now and Rich Notifications

Sometimes its the little things in life that really count. What this does is enable a notification center on your launcher bar that alerts you of things happening in your open tabs. This is especially useful when you have a bunch of tabs open but you are waiting for an important email. The notifications show up in the lower right hand corner of the screen. They are clickable and open directly to the content you want. How to enable Google now and Rich Notifications.


These are 5 things you should definitely think about doing very soon if you have not already done them.

As always if you have any issues or questions please let me know in the comments section down below.

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