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I have been noticing my patterns of behavior when using my Chromebook the last couple of weeks and I began to notice a pattern. No matter how many changes I did to my Chromebook, I would always return to using it in the same basic ways that I did before. Not to say that all the extra things that were done weren’t cool and awesome, it would seem as though the brain always returns to the things that are familiar to it. Let me explain a little more what I am talking about.

I installed Linux on my Chromebook with the intent of using a full word processor like Libre Office, however every time I go to edit a document I always end up using Google Docs which is what I have used for a long time. Now that instance has a two-fold understanding, if you will. The first being my brain seems as though it has been hard-coded to use rudimentary applications that require installation on a computer. I find this to be the case with a lot of the applications that I use. Instant Messaging for instance, I struggled for days trying to find an application that would install an extension on my Chromebook so that I wouldn’t have to rely on a web-based application or web app for short. All the while there were loads of web apps that worked just as good if not better than their client installing counterparts. All this said to look at it from the exact opposite side of the understanding spectrum.

How if my brain is so hard-coded to crave and seek after executable based programs, does it still default to using web apps? I think that it is the newness seeking, for lack of a better word, part of the brain. Much the same part of the brain the makes you want to go by a new car every year, whether you actually do or not. I think that it is this part of the brain that keeps us coming back to the new things, even though the old is so embedded.

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3 thoughts on “Back to Basics

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