Google Launches Play Music All Access Streaming Service

Awesome New Google Music Service! I am already a subscriber and I love it. Review to come!

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Google has announced the launch of their new streaming service, Google Play Music All Access. The service adds a highly desired bit of functionality to its existing Google Play Music store and cloud storage locker by enabling unlimited streaming from Google’s entire catalog for a low monthly fee. Users will now be able to stream albums, curated playlists and stations in conjunction with all the music they already own. Tracks and albums from Google Play can also be added to your library with just a click. Google is offering a free 30 day trial with the normal monthly subscription costing $9.99 after that. For all you excited early adopters out there (that’s me!), sign up before June 30th and get your subscription for only $7.99 per month! Existing Play Music users simply need to update the app on your Android device to be presented with the new features and…

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