Google Music All Access Initial Thoughts


Google Music All Access is a hot new service by Google that was announced at Google i/o in San Francisco earlier this week. It is set to go head to head with music services like Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes Match. Google Music All Access is available now for $7.99 a month if you sign up before June 30th. The subscription price will increase to $9.99 a month after that so hurry. Google Music

I have been using Google’s Google Music All Access service for about 3 days now on a 30 day Trial.  Some of the new feature’s are

  • Unlimited Ad Free Radio Service- This service is a lot like Pandora or Spotify Premium services with one major difference. With Google Music All Access you can right click on a playing or queued track and add it to you personal library to listen to without streaming it. In other words it will download a local copy to your device so that you can listen to it anywhere, anytime. You can do this to as many songs as you like.
  • Auto Playlists- There are multiple options for Auto Playlists including one that I use quite often now called “Thumbs Up”. What this does is automatically add songs that you thumb up on the radio to a playlist that you can listen to later.
  • Radio Song Queuing- Unlike other streaming radio services All Access queue’s up songs before it actually play’s them. This give’s you the opportunity to remove songs that you don’t want to hear before they are played. I am not sure how many previous tracks are kept in queue however on my Chromebook it goes back quite a ways. It seems to always have 19- 20 songs forward in queue. As I mentioned before you can skip backwards or forwards to whatever song you like from the queue simply by double-clicking it.

Overall I have really enjoyed using All Access over the past 3 days. I highly recommend at least doing the 30 day trial. Sign Up Here Google Music

Check out some screen shots of my All Access:

google-music-all-access-auto-playlist google-music-all-access-explore google-music-all-access-radio google-music-all-access-queue

Have you tried Google Music All Access? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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5 thoughts on “Google Music All Access Initial Thoughts

    • You sure can! Google Music All Access is simply a premium paid version of the already available Google Music Service. It can be downloaded from the Chrome Webstore.

      Thanks for posting.

      James A

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