Maybe the Point of Chromebooks Isn’t Chromebooks

This is a great read guys. I definitely recommend reading it.


Here at Google’s I/O conference, it’s safe to say that many attendees entered yesterday morning’s keynote expecting that it would involve the announcement of at least one or two major new gadgets. It didn’t, unless you count the pure-Android version of Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 that Google will begin selling on June 26. And the one gadget which was doled out to attendees, the Chromebook Pixel, wasn’t an I/O debutante: it was announced back in February.

Some of the folks I chatted with after the keynote were disappointed by its lack of gadgetry. I wasn’t. As my colleague Jared Newman explains, this year’s keynote was mostly devoted to building out existing Google services and software — search, Android, Google Maps, Google+ and more — in ways which aim to make them more useful and appealing. The stuff the company has in store looks meaty and ambitious…

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