Technology: It’s knocking at the door…and it’s not going anywhere!

Great post guys. Definitely worth the read!


Allow me to present two scenarios.

Number 1: A long time ago, in a country near, near to us…the traditional classroom! Once upon a time, students arrived at school. They went to class, took their seats, and listened to the teacher. After the teacher was done talking, students would fill out a worksheet about what was said that day. Students barely said a word. If they did, well that would give you a few extra minutes after school or down the hall with Mr./Mrs. Authority. A few years later, students would graduate and find their niche in society. They turned out just fine and were productive citizens in their time and place. That was then…

Number 2: 2013! Bottom line: Not much has changed in *many* classrooms, unfortunately. In saying that, years later sees students that have access and are exposed to things that were not around years ago. Most…

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