Google Hangouts App on Chromebook Review


During Google I/O 2013 it was announced that there would be an update to the hangouts/ chat app on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. (More on Google I/O) I have been using this new chat app for about 2 weeks now. We will review my likes and dislikes for the New Google Hangouts app in this post.

Google’s New Hangout App is by far the best thing to happen to Chrome OS since it started in 2009. It fully integrates and combines what were 3 separate portions of the OS: Google Chat, Google Plus, and Google Hangout; however these apps are still available to use separate from one another. Let me show you what I mean. Notice in the screenshot below the resemblance to the old chat app. It still docks your chats and friends list to the launcher. the big things to notice are the ” + New Hangout “ field at the top. This box can be used to find the names or circles that you would like to hangout with and automatically start a new hangout, this is also demonstrated in the following screenshots.


New Google Hangout App for Chrome OS locked to the launcher. The App can also be un-docked and used a standalone window.

Demonstrating Search Function of Hangout App.

Demonstrating Search Function of Hangout App

Screenshot of automatically created video hangout referenced above.

Screenshot of automatically created video hangout referenced above.

The chat feature of the app is what can be classified as a text only hangout where the app initiates this text only hangout automatically. To initiate a video call/ hangout you hit the camera icon at the top left of the chat window. After this a hangout window will open and you can name it and add as many people as you like to it. Overall I believe that the app is great and it brings together 3 seemingly fragmented pieces of Chrome OS, into one neat little package.

Have you tried the new hangout app in Chrome OS? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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11 thoughts on “Google Hangouts App on Chromebook Review

  1. Your new hangouts sucks. I tried to video chat with my friends whose email is not a gmail. They did not even received invitations as you claims should be sent to them. More over even gmail friends not always get those invites while some weirdos calling me all the time because he sees me on his hangouts list. And I do not even know who the hell he is!!!!
    If your hangouts only working for chrome-book then why did not you say so in a first place? I do not know if I am going to keep this chrome-book toy or just return it back to BestBuy…

  2. I like everything about the app but one thing: I have to go to Google+ to access it. It should at least be available in the app store and show up in the apps box. Ideally, it would be in the quick launch bar, tucked right between the Chrome and Gmail icons. Having to pull up Google+, bypass the nag page, find who I want to talk with and THEN launch the app is an unnecessary pain. I’d like to be able to launch it with one click and have a drop down menu of people I’ve already chosen to keep at hand to chat with. Then if I wanted to add someone new, or just temporarily, I could pull up the Google+ page and the guts of the app for more options. But that’s just me.

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