Chromebook Tip of the Day- 05/26/2013


If you are a heavy Chromebook user like me then you probably know what it is like when your Chromebook runs out of ram. Maybe its just me but I find it rather annoying when I am scrolling and the page stutters. Now there is one thing that I have found that helps tremendously and it is called zRam. I have read that Google intends to enable this on the Chrome OS by default but I cannot be 100% sure. What this Linux module does is use a block of RAM for storing compressed paging files instead of storing them in SWAP. This makes the computer operate faster because RAM is much faster than HDD or even SSD storage. To enable zRam simply follow the step below.

  1. Type CTRL + ALT + t
  2. Type “ swap enable ” hit enter.
  3. Reboot your Chromebook

I have found this to help tremendously with the stuttering scroll.

What things annoy you about Chromebooks that you would like to see fixed? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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13 thoughts on “Chromebook Tip of the Day- 05/26/2013

  1. After I enabled it, a game will load the page but will not load not the background(when sliding over a buildign a tekst would appaer) running test and images. when ik click on something i get an erro(dont know what kind because the background will not show it.

    dont know how to explain this really,

    Game: Forge of Empires

    grts. A

      • Well,
        I dont know either ;))

        I contacted Samsung, but I think I know more of chromebook than they know.
        They even didnt know it is possible to reinstall Chromebook OS

        For i think it is a OS problem,
        I returned my chromebook to my supplier and asked them to deliver me a new one.

        for now, thanks for youre reply.

        grtz. A

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  8. I keep having my music stutter No Shoes Radio streaming while working in other windows tried the swap enable but still didn’t work any other suggestions. Using a samsung Chromebook 3 with ARM processor.

    • I have never used No Shoes however I will do some research into what type of player they use and see if I can’t find an answer to this question. I will keep you apprised to my findings. Thanks for posting.

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