No Shoes Radio Streaming Problems

This logo is property of ChromebookParadise is in no way affiliated with

This logo is property of ChromebookParadise is in no way affiliated with

A Chromebook user commented about an issue where No Shoes Radio was skipping when jumping around his Chromebook doing other work. Below is the explanation of what i believe the problem to be and the work around.

The default player that NoShoesRadio uses buffers directly into the tab. The problem with that is tab’s go into an inactive mode when you navigate away from them. This happens for various reasons one of which is to save CPU and RAM for active processes and tabs that you are using. This inactive mode wreak’s havoc with any media players that page’s might be running unless they are configured properly which I do not believe that NSR is. Now the work around that I have involves downloading an extension to your Chromebook. Extensions run as applications so all of the above info regarding inactive mode on tabs does not apply to them. To use my workaround do the following:

#1 Download Radio Player Live from the Chrome Web Store
#2 Once installed it will have a little speaker button in the top right hand corner of any open browser window See Screenshot. Click on it and click Options in the little window that appears underneath the button.

#3 An options window will open. In this options window click Add New Stations and then click manually when it appears underneath. See Screenshot.


#4 Enter the criteria as displayed below. 

Name: No Shoes Radio
Category: New Category and then type whatever you want in the box that appears directly to the right. I used Cool Radio.


#5 Click Save.

Now you can close the options window and click the little speaker icon on the toolbar. From here select No Shoes Radio and click the play icon. I have been using this workaround for about an hour while writing this post which involved jumping around a lot, taking screenshots, and editing images; the radio has not skipped once.

Did this workaround work for you? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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