Chromebook Tip of the Day- 6/1/2013

CIRC-screenshot-chromebook-tip-of-of the-day

Are you looking for a native Chrome OS app to handle all of your IRC chat’s? Are you sick of using those pesky browser chat applets that don’t support Chrome’s handy notification center?

Then you need CIRC IRC Client for Chrome. CIRC is an App not an extension. It does not require a browser window to run and integrates directly into Rich Notifications so that you don’t miss any messages from your favorite chat room. Check out the screenshot above.

What chat client do you use for your IRC chats? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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8 thoughts on “Chromebook Tip of the Day- 6/1/2013

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  5. Hi, I’ve been reading you blog lately, Great work!!
    Just wondering, is your notification currently broke?
    cause on my Pixel, no matter on beta or dev channel, even I enabled it in chrome://flags, nothing shows up next to my clock. and I got it working on v27….just wonder if is overall or just mine broke

    • My notification button disappeared with the upgrade to v.28 and still hasn’t shown up in v.29. I am not sure if it was intentional on Google’s part or not?? However the notifications still work. I think they work better than they did when the icon was there. The post for today will go into further detail about the changes to the notification center.

      Thanks for posting!


      • Look forward to your post!!
        I only got notification on some apps, like hangouts work, but not gmail even I enable desktop notification in gmail setting…
        btw, wish you could write a post about the flags…some of them i have no idea what they do,,,like the tile’s ones
        Keep up the great work!!


        • Hey Matt I made a post regarding the Notifications issue I am pretty sure you have seen it. However I never addressed your second question about the flags. I intend to write a lot more posts about flags and what they do!

          Thanks for the Suggestion

          Chromebook Paradise

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