Google Everywhere- Connection’s Simplified


As I am sitting at my desk trying to figure out what my next blog post is going to be about. I realize something, I am receiving messages from one person across all my devices without any hassle. While it might seem simple and of no real consequence in the real world, it really is. I am talking about Google’s “everywhere” mentality. Let me give you an example.

I am sitting at my desk at work using my Windows 7 machine chatting with a friend on Google Talk when I pick up my Apple iPad and begin to read some news feeds. My friend messages me back but instead of putting the iPad down and responding on the Win 7 computer, I navigate over to the Google Hangouts app and respond there. Once I am done reading the news I pick up my iPhone to text my wife and my friend messages me again. Without even skipping a beat I open up the Google Hangouts app on my iPhone and I respond. The conversation continues between my friend and myself using this mish-mosh of devices. As the day progresses I pull out my Chromebook to start the blog post for the day. My Chromebook picks up the conversation from where it left off. It has the chat log up to date even though it has been off up until this point, and I write my blog post for the day.

Now some of you might be saying “And your point is???”. The point is that 2 years ago integration of systems on this scale was not possible. I remember when I was choosing a cell phone around that time, one of the main deciding factors for choosing a phone was a cross-platform sync on information. The only company doing this well at the time was Apple with its iMessage, Photo Stream, and other mixed bag items that they have. Still to this day this service is still limited to integration with Apple products only.

Google has single-handed brought all the systems together. No matter what hardware you use you can always rely on all of your information being available to you anytime and, anywhere that you have an internet connection and a device to access it on.

What synced up story do you have? Let us know in the comments section down below.

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