Chromebook Tip of the Day- 6/4/2013

chromebook-tip-of-the-day-overscroll-flag-screenshotMore fancy mouse controls for Chrome OS! In today’s Chromebook Tip of the Day you will learn a quick tip that will accelerate the speed in which you navigate the web on your Chromebook! Continue reading

No Shoes Radio Streaming Problems

This logo is property of ChromebookParadise is in no way affiliated with

This logo is property of ChromebookParadise is in no way affiliated with

A Chromebook user commented about an issue where No Shoes Radio was skipping when jumping around his Chromebook doing other work. Below is the explanation of what i believe the problem to be and the work around. Continue reading

How to Change Language on XFCE Linux on ARM Chromebook


I had a question from my friends over in France regarding the language parameters on the XFCE linux distribution that is installed when you follow my previous “How to”, How to install XFCE Linux on your Chromebook. Continue reading

How to Dual Boot Chrome OS and Ubuntu Unity Desktop -ARM Chromebook

How to ARM Chromebook/ Ubuntu Unity with Ubuntu One Dual Booted and Conky with downloadable config files


Over my weekend I worked a lot on my chromebook. I completely wiped it and started over from nothing. I installed Ubuntu Unity Desktop w/ Ubuntu One Continue reading

How to install Conky with Infinity theme on a Chromebook


Do you like seeing what is going on with your system at all times? Wondering why your Chromebook with Ubuntu is running slow? Then you need Conky! Continue reading