Chromebook Tip of the Day- 06/09/2013- Action Box Flag

chromebook-tip-of-the-day-action-box-flag-searchingAction Box, a flag within the Chrome browser allows you to search quickly within the browser bar. Instant Search results are displayed within a handy drop down box right on the browser. Read more about it here! Continue reading

Chrome Flags Detailed Description’s


Chromebook Paradise is starting a project to compile a complete list of user-friendly descriptions for chrome://flags portion of Chrome. I have already begun the process. If you would like to help us in our endeavor to make information more readily available to the masses please let us know. Continue reading

Chromebook Tip of the Day- 6/4/2013

chromebook-tip-of-the-day-overscroll-flag-screenshotMore fancy mouse controls for Chrome OS! In today’s Chromebook Tip of the Day you will learn a quick tip that will accelerate the speed in which you navigate the web on your Chromebook! Continue reading

Chromebook Tip of the Day- 05/26/2013


If you are a heavy Chromebook user like me then you probably know what it is like when your Chromebook runs out of ram. Maybe its just me but I find it rather annoying when I am scrolling and the page stutters. Continue reading