Chrome Flags Detailed Description’s


Chromebook Paradise is starting a project to compile a complete list of user-friendly descriptions for chrome://flags portion of Chrome. I have already begun the process. If you would like to help us in our endeavor to make information more readily available to the masses please let us know. Continue reading

Chrome OS- Rich Notifications Features Update


With the update of Chrome OS to v.28 in the Stable Channel, and v.29 in the Dev Channel, some things have changed for Rich Notifications users.  Check it out here! Continue reading

Google Hangouts App on Chromebook Review


During Google I/O 2013 it was announced that there would be an update to the hangouts/ chat app on Chromebooks and Chromeboxes. (More on Google I/O) I have been using this new chat app for about 2 weeks now. We will review my likes and dislikes for the New Google Hangouts app in this post. Continue reading